Vision, Mission and Principles

Our Vision

We believe that our natural world can help us heal and feel well; that animals and nature can instinctively uplift people’s spirits.

We believe that we benefit from feeling connected to something larger than ourselves; that we can thrive along with animals and nature if we feel connected to them.

The Centre for Animal and Nature Assisted Therapy exists to deepen our connection with animals and nature to improve our well-being.

Our Mission

Our commitment is to help people who are struggling with mental health challenges, by offering therapy with animals and nature to bring deep healing and resolution, for long term benefit and well-being.

To meet that commitment the centre aims to create an outstanding legacy of practice, skills and knowledge in animal and nature assisted therapy.

We will create this legacy by being a centre of excellence that supports professional development for practitioners, provides therapy to clients, and continually evaluates our work.

Our Principles